Rates & Payment

My standard proofreading/light editing charge is £22 per 1,000 words. If your writing requires more attention then my fees range from £22-£40, with texts that require significant language editing, extensive corrections and restructuring charged at the higher end of that range. I will always review a document and provide a firm price before undertaking any work. If your work requires very few corrections or for longer pieces of writing (books, theses etc.) I may reduce my fee slightly.

Please note that Bibliographies, tables and figures do not count towards the word rate (as mentioned, I do not generally look at these unless requested - please see my services for further details).

I will send you an invoice after the work is completed, and payment is accepted by bank transfer or via PayPal. Usually I ask for 50% of the fee in advance (or in the case of any fees under £200, 100% in advance). Note that I do not accept cheques unless drawn on a UK bank account.

I am happy to undertake a short sample of your work (2/3 pages) to give you a sense of my editing style. This also allows me to determine that your subject is one that I will be able to help you with.

If you have an impending deadline and I am available then I will try to prioritise your work for a quick turnaround. A short paper sent in the evening to be finished the following day (or within 24 hours) will incur an ‘emergency’ editing fee, which is an extra 50% on top of my standard fees.

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