My Services

My ServicesThis list is not completely exhaustive but it covers the majority of the editing services that I provide:

  • Doctoral Theses and Masters Dissertations in all subjects
  • Papers for publication in academic journals (single, joint or multi-authored)
  • Editing Doctoral Theses into publishable manuscripts
  • Book/chapter proposals for submission to publishers
  • Book reviews
  • Academic monographs and collections of essays
  • Conference papers (if you are attending a conference and plan to read out, or to memorise your paper I can help you prepare an engaging and memorable conference paper).
  • Website content for a variety of sites: academic, museums, charities, art galleries and research institutes, as well as personal websites.  
  • Review and perfecting CVs and/or covering letters for job applications
  • Grant or funding proposals (I have helped secure a number of significant funding grants for individuals and research projects).
  • Project reports
  • Collaboration on personal writing projects, from fiction to personal memoirs. If you have a project in mind, please get in touch to find out how I could help.

For information about any of my services, please use the contact form.

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